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About EAD

Egyptians Abroad for Development (EAD) is committed to playing a contributing role in the shaping of Egypt's future through funding and co-managing socioeconmoic development efforts to Egyptian communities. EAD has no religious, political, or special interest affiliations or biases. EAD is an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization which means that donations made to the organization may be tax deductible. Egyptians Abroad for Development (EAD) was founded in 2011 by a group of Egyptian youth committed to playing a contributing role in the development of their motherland. Those people crossed paths during the rallies supporting the January 25th revolution to voice their support and to stand in solitude with their fellow Egyptian citizens. On February 11th, the celebrations took place on Chicago’s streets nonetheless this crowd realized Egypt has a long way to go on the road of development. This shared vision of Egypt is what brought them together; most of who lived in the same city for years yet did not know of each other…but as always Egypt does bring us together and this is where the journey began. Since, EAD has been proud to attract a growing body of members to join the group and offer their full commitment, and enthusiasm to the building of a better Egypt. The best online casino also offers its help.


EAD’s vision is to become the premier conduit that provides Egyptians in North America with the necessary knowledge, resources and tools to support existing initiatives and to promote new innovative ones for the rebirth of Egypt.


EAD is committed to improving the development of Egypt and enhancing the economic, health, educational and social conditions of the nation. We harness and empower the collective energies, expertise and resources of both Egyptians living abroad and those living in Egypt to support existing initiatives and to implement new ones in order to benefit Egyptian citizens. We work to ensure that an accurate reflection of the voice of Egyptian citizens is heard globally.


You can find EAD annual reports posted below:

  EAD 2013 Annual Report
  EAD 2014 Annual Report   EAD 2015 Annual Report

Meet the Team

The EAD team is excited to be part of this energetic organization and looks forward to meeting you. Learn more about us on our website, link below!

Stay in Touch

P.O.Box 34218 Chicago, IL 60634
[email protected]
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