The EAD team continues to amaze the community with their great outreach to institutions..

A number of EAD members, who attend the University of Illinois at Chicago for their undergraduate and graduate degrees, successfully completed registering a UIC student chapter for EAD. The Mission of the student organization is to promote awareness of the Egyptian culture and history at the University level, the state level, and the national level.


The goals of the UIC-EAD chapter:

  • To encourage students to participate in creating initiatives in the field of development.
  • To establish relationships with professionals of the Chicagoland Egyptian and non-Egyptian community in various fields.
  • To create a platform for discussion about reaching out to the underserved locally and internationally.

The chapter officers introduced the organization to the university community with a first general body meeting on September 21. The chapter participated at the annual Taste of UIC on September 27, with delicious traditional Egyptian dishes. EAD officers educated the students and university staff about the culture, handed out Egyptian post cards and gave away raffle prizes.

In the photo: Mohamed Ali, chapter president
Ahmed Elghandour, Vice President
Mohamed Zaher, Member

The student organization remains active with monthly general meetings, network with other student organizations and recruits students to the organization, and connects with the national organization.


Egyptians Abroad for Development.