Join us for two EAD sponsored screenings of the Egyptian documentary “THE SQUARE” on the Jan 25 revolution. We will Skype the Director, Jehane Noujaim, for a Q/A session following the screenings. Authentic Egyptian snacks will be available for purchase.

Gene Siskel Film Center
164 N. State Street, Chicago
Chicago Premiere:
Friday, January 17th @ 8:00PM
Q & A with Director Jehane Noujaim will be moderated by Ahmed Rehab, Egyptian Activist and Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago
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Second Screening
Saturday, January 18th @ 7:45 PM
Q & A with Director Jehane Noujaim will be moderated by Jessica Wineger, Middle Eastern and African Studies Program at Northwestern University
RSVP HERE: and purchase your tickets via the PayPal link below.

THE SQUARE, which premieres on January 17th in select theaters and on Netflix, is a captivating, deeply human chronicle of Egypt’s unrest, told through a group of activists demonstrating along the front lines. It reveals the intimate stories of these young Egyptians as they resist corrupted powers, question their alliances, and ultimately reframe the Egyptian narrative. An Audience Award winner at the Sundance and Toronto International film festivals, THE SQUARE is currently shortlisted for the Oscars.
“OSCAR WORTHY … A remarkable portrait of Egypt’s false dawns and worthy of its Oscar buzz… THE SQUARE thrusts you right into the heart of the daily struggle they lived.” Time Magazine
Watch the trailer.

The Square is an immersive experience, transporting the viewer deep into the intense emotional drama and personal stories behind the news. It is the inspirational story of young people claiming their rights as they struggle against multiple forces—from a brutal army dictatorship willing to crush protesters with military tanks, to a corrupt Muslim Brotherhood using mosques to manipulate voters. Through their journey, we bare witness to the incredible sacrifice activists endure on the road to freedom. Through their voices, we are reminded of the spark that shook the world.

A letter from prison by one of the protestors:
“We go to Al Maydan (The Square) to discover that we love life outside it, and to discover that our love for life is resistance. We race towards the bullets because we love life, and we go into prison because we love freedom.”