Annual Elections for a New Board

EGYPTIANS ABROAD FOR DEVELOPMENT (EAD) are holding Annual Elections for a new Board!
If you are interested in being a part of carrying the Organization forward, please email [email protected] with your Vision, Credentials/ Bio by Mon Aug 1st!
Thank YOU!

Below are the descriptions of the Positions.

EAD is committed to improving the development of Egypt and enhancing the economic, health, educational and social conditions of the nation. We harness and empower the collective energies, expertise and resources of both Egyptians living abroad and those living in Egypt to support existing initiatives and to implement new ones in order to benefit Egyptian citizens. We work to ensure that an accurate reflection of the voice of Egyptian citizens is heard globally.


Responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors and it’s members are aware of and able to fulfill their governance responsibilities.
• Presides the board meetings, including any sub-committees, and has the right to call for such meetings
• Represents the organization before State, Federal and Judiciary bodies
• Approves the agendas of board meetings and ensures that decisions are being implemented
• Signs any contracts and agreements approved by the board of directors, on behalf of the organization
• Co-signs the meeting minutes, administrative documents and employee-related documents with the Secretary General
• Co-signs all the checks and financial bills with the Treasurer
• Takes decisions in urgent issues which can not be delayed until the
next board meeting, and then ensures such issues will be
presented and approved in the next board meeting
• Proposes policies and practices according to the organization
purpose and monitors the performance of directors and officers

• The Vice President is expected to fulfill the President
responsibilities when the President is absent
• The Vice President assists the President in all tasks mentioned and
oversees the operations performed by other board members and executives

Acts as a conduit for communication between the board of directors, legal and administrative stakeholders and organization management
• Ensures that the organization meets all legal requirements with regard to record keeping and record dissemination.
• Prepares the board meeting agenda, calls for meetings, writes meeting minutes, and keeps records of those minutes to be presented in the next board meeting for board approval
• Develops a record for the members, which includes their data, and ensures it is up-to-date
• Keeps records of board and general assembly meeting minutes, and co-signs them with the president
• Ensures the board decisions are being documented
• Prepares the annual progress and financial report in cooperation
with the Treasurer and presents it to the board of directors
• Prepares agendas for ordinary and extraordinary general assembly
meetings, and presents them to the board of directors, and takes
necessary actions to call for those meetings
• Supervises all incoming written communications and presents them
to the president

Leads the financial management functions between the board of directors, legal financial stakeholders and organization financial management team.
• Supervises the organization’s financial resources and expenses
• Monitors issuance of income receipts, and deposits in the
organization’s bank in a timely basis
• Keeps records of the income and expenses and organizes financial
• Supervises the inventory control and presents the report to the
board of directors
• Disburses money for approved purposes, while keeping relevant
documents that prove the validity of the disburse, after auditing
• Implements financial decisions of the board upon accordance with
the budget
• Co-signs disburse notices with the president
• Approves to disburse temporary cash in urgent cases until they are
presented in the next board meeting for approval
• Prepares the income and expenses accounts for auditing and
production of final auditing report with the approved CPA
• Presents the balance sheet, general budget and auditor’s report to
the board of directors
• Leads the formulation of the next year’s budget with the secretary
general and presents it to the board of directors
• Studies the financial comments of the Auditors as well as other
relevant bodies, responds to them, while presenting them to the
• Oversees the development and observation of the organization’s
financial policies
• Keeps the board regularly informed of key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health in addition to completing required financial reporting forms in a timely fashion and makes these forms available to the board

5. BOARD MEMBER (Committees & Event Coordinator)
• Oversees organization and progress of all committees.
Communicates directly with the heads of each committee
• Oversees all projects through communication with committee heads
• Reports progress of projects to the Board of Directors
• Oversees the organization of projects assessments/proposals, and
reviews for outlying information and for feasibility
• Keeps record of all past, ongoing, and/or potential project
• Receives and assesses proposals for community events, and is
proactive about seeking opportunities for any civic engagement
events that are in line with EAD’s mission
• Oversees the annual events initiated by EAD and is involved in the