Event Planning Team

December 21, 2011 at Nordstrom Cafe-Michigan Ave

The meeting focused on the sponsorship letter and a detailed breakdown of the action plan submitted to the board. The events of the month of January were discussed as well as other issues including the establishment of a workshop date(s), the final candidates for guest speaker, and the overall flow of the event.

Event Planning Team

December 14, 2011 at Pompei-Chicago

The event planning committee discussed the current status of the event planning, and discussed the main list of potential sponsors. The committee will be working now on a time plan with May 25th 2012 as the event date. The committee will publish a list of sponsors; all members are asked to volunteer to contact the sponsors to help save time and expand on our choices. Mary Botros is now working on a detailed action plan for the next five months up to the event, and to specify the areas where we need volunteers. Also, the committee suggested a Facebook survey for all members to nominate figures, as guests of honors that they think will attract a big turnout.

General Body Meeting

The general body meeting for the month of December took place on Sunday December 11,2011 at Downers Grove Public Library.

• Three new members joined the group. Welcome!

• Reviewed the organization structure, roles and responsibilities of the members, board, and executive staff.

• Briefly described the strategic plan for the next three years with a focus on awareness and financial stability in year 1, start project proposals in education and economic developments in year 2, and expansion of EAD nationwide and implementation of healthcare project in year 3.

• Membership benefit package reviewed, application forms filled out by members and dues collected. Suggestions for the membership application form given by members and currently under the review of the board. • The Event planning team presented their research on logistics and budget.

• Members are encouraged to suggest and approach sponsors. The board presented the initial project idea to start “selling” it to sponsors and guest speakers.

• Social Media team presented the new website layout, and the promotion through the facebook page and youtube channel. The team would like to recruit two members that can keep the facebook page active on daily basis.

Event Planning Team

The EAD Event Planning Team met on Thursday, December 8th to further discuss the planning of EAD’s upcoming fundraising event. The team members discussed several issues: guest speakers profiles, venues, call for volunteers participation, initial budget, and sponsorship packages. The team is to present budget details to the board, and general assembly at the Sunday, December 11th meeting.