The Project at a Glance

The “Educate the Young Educators” ”EYE” project aims to deliver effective, hands-on teacher training to a carefully selected pool of young educators within the Egyptian public schooling system. Egyptian teachers will have the opportunity to come to the US for a study-abroad program to be exposed to the American educational, professional, and cultural experiences. This project will focus on increasing the teachers’ knowledge and skills to, in turn, improve their performance levels and raise their overall teaching standards. Through theoretical courses and practical training, the project will help teachers change their classroom practices to support deeper and more interactive learning. The project will allow young Egyptian teachers to increase their English language proficiency and enrich their knowledge of the culture and customs of the United States while being engaged in an engaging study environment.

Project Details

 EYE Project Brief

Educate the Young Educators PowerPoint

How Can I Help?

Join the “EYE” Project Team

We encourage you to join efforts with the “EYE” project team in contributing to building the capacity of young Egyptian teachers through study programs in the US. There are several aspects of the project for you to consider helping out with:

Pre Implementation

Target Group Selection

Study Program


Travel Logistics

Workshops/Civic Engagement

Performance Review/Followup

Join the “EYE” Fundraiser Planning Team

Over the past year, Egyptians Abroad for Development held several successful events that were highly attended by the Egyptian, and Arab community in Chicago and the Midwest.  Our latest event, “First Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution with Wael Ghonim” hosted 255 guests. We invite you to join the”EYE” fundraiser planning team in organizing a highly anticipated event.

Join Egyptians Abroad for Development

As we have seen in the past year, change was imminent in Egypt.  But as we watched and joined the up rise of the people, those of us abroad felt the need to take action with our knowledge and resources in helping our fellow Egyptians regain their strength, courage, and livelihood through developmental outreach.  Hence, the establishment of EAD; a non-political, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois. We invite you to join our efforts in  promoting educational, health, social, and economic development in Egypt.

Become an “EYE” Project Sponsor

Our organization is currently planning our first annual benefit dinner to occur on November 16th, 2012, which will include celebrity guest speakers actor Nour El-Sherif and actress Manal Salama. In the past we have successfully organized several events, which could not have been possible without the support of this vast and diverse community.

Our success is within our sponsors, as they always provide us with incredible support. Money raised by EAD goes toward the motivated commitment to development of Egypt through our outreach initiatives. I hope that you will support our cause and become an EAD sponsor. Your company gains immense benefit through our media campaigns and promotional materials while you receive priority incentives for the actual event. Please consider our EAD Sponsorship Packages for your selection.

Contact Us

For additional information on the Educate the Young Educators Project, please contact us at:

Egyptians Abroad for Development (EAD)
Address: P.O.Box 34218 Chicago, IL 60634
Phone: 630-841-1464 Fax: 630-310-8671
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Egyptians Abroad for Development