EAD’s Goals: HEART


  • Sustaining and enhancing the health status of the Egyptian population, and providing health awareness especially to those with limited access to care.


  • Supporting the growth of the Egyptian economy and the economic reform efforts taking place in Egypt in a way that creates a balance between economic disparities, and the growing unemployment rate.


  • Encouraging good governance, and the positive participation of Egyptian citizens in the political system, and Egyptian lobby to support the interests of a democratic Egypt.
  • Conveying the accurate representation of the voice of Egyptians in Egypt, and abroad to the global community.
  • Assisting in the educational development to broaden the scope of knowledge of Egyptian students, and young graduates, and connecting them to the experts and state of the art technologies in their respective fields.
  • Promoting Egyptian history, and culture widely abroad, and facilitating cross-culture understanding.


  • Researching, and partnering with Civil Society Organizations, and social entrepreneurs in initiatives that promote the interests of Egypt and its citizens.


  • Empowering the collective energies, and expertise of Egyptians living abroad, and in Egypt to more aptly support developmental efforts in Egypt.