Enhance and sustain an improved healthcare system to serve the Egyptian population.

  • Promote public awareness for basic and optimal health
  • Planning Medical Mission Envoys
  • Providing Enhanced Resources
  • Providing Enhanced quality and Affordable Services
  • Improving Facilities
  • Implementing Existing and Creating New Policies


1. Awareness & Education

Public Awareness

  • Nutrition
  • General health
  • Oral health
  • Family medicine
  • Disability issues


  • Provide medical and surgical training for Egyptian physicians by experts from Egyptians abroad
  • Exchange programs with medical and dental colleges

2. Services

  • Organize medical mission trips to Egypt bi-annually to provide medical and dental services
  • Establish a “mobile clinic”

3. Facility Improvement

  • Obtain a database of needed medical equipments at public hospitals
  • Ensure a proper donation program is implemented
  • Enhance awareness about infection control both at healthcare facilities and to the public

4. Policy Making

  • Write proposals for the reform of healthcare policies
  • Approach representatives in the parliament to discuss healthcare policies