EAD is a dedicated group of Egyptians eager to contribute to the building of our Egypt. Please visit our Get Involved link for more information on our projects. The success of our projects relies on the generosity of corporate sponsors, foundations, individuals, and contributors to our Fund. Whether you are an individual or represent a business or other institution, you can help to ensure that EAD continues to have the resources, talent, and ability to provide unique services to achieve its Vision of our Egypt.

Your financial contributions to EAD are now tax exempt.  We can now provide receipts for your donations that you can fully deduct on your tax returns starting with the year 2012. Thanks to all of you who believed in us and helped us build a Non-Profit that was worthy of being designated a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Charity!

Your donation will go to support many families throughout Egypt who may be struggling with poor access to quality education, basic medical needs, or social pressures to drop out of school.